High lights : प्रथम चौमासिक प्रगति समिक्षा गोष्ठी सम्पन्न |

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Historical background Insitutional development of agriculture is believed to be started after the establishment of Krishi Adda (Agriculture Office) in 1978 BS. Planned development of agriculture was started when the Department of Agriculture was formed after restoration of democracy in Nepal. Having realized the importance of regional level organization for effective implementation of agricultural programs, Regional Directorate of Agriculture (RAD) was established in Pokhara -5, Malepatan, Kaski in 2029 B.S. By then, under the direct supervision of Ministry of Agricultural Development and Department of Agriculture, Regional Directorate of Agriculture is performing supervision, monitoring and evaluation of agriculture extention programs being implemented by 16 district agriculture development offices of the region. Besides this, Regional Directorate of Agriculture has established strong and effective coordination with 15 resource centres of the region.
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